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Very few people outside Le Marche know much about the wines beyond Verdicchio and its characteristic green bottle. However, as Le Marche grows as a tourist detination so does the general appreciation for its outstanding wines. There are many tht you sould try on a Le Marche holiday and we would also recommend that you visit a cantina or two and even consider shipping some home.

Le Marche Italian White Wines

Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi

The best known of Le Marche’s wines, Jesi Verdicchio is a clear, dry, full-bodied white made from the Verdicchio grape plus up to 20% of Malvasia and/or Trebbiano. From the medieval town of Jesifound less than 45 mins the agriturismo

Verdicchio di Matelica:

Produced neaer the mountains Verdicchio di Matellica is similar to the jesi version but is fresher and fruitier. Matelica is an hour West of the agriturismo near Camerino and the caves at Frassasi

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Falerio dei Colli Ascolani:

This medium dry white is made from Tuscan Trebbiano, Tuscan Malvasia, Pinot bianco, Verdicchio, Passerina and Pecorino grapes cultivated on the rolling hills in the Southrn Provinces of Ascoli and Fermo

Esino Bianco:

produced in the same areas as Verdicchio, it has an intense bouquet and a fresh dry taste, due to the verdicchio grapes that make up at least 50% of it’s production.

Bianco dei Colli Maceratesi

means “white of the Macerata hills” and is produced around the agriturismo.The Macertino grape gives this wine its refreshing dry taste and a floral bouquet

Bianchello del Metauro:

Afresh dry white wine, that’s delicate but has great length of flavour and which dates back to 500 b.c. and has certainly stood the test of time. Made from bianchello grapes in the Metauro area whose origins date back to 500BC

Offida Passerina:

bacchus wine le marche italyMade with the Passerina grape in the Offida area an hour South, it has a great perfume, lots of fruit and slightly acidic flavour.

Offida Pecorino:

This light, fresh and fruity wine is little known but has a really rounded flavour and is similar to Sauvignon Blanc and great as an aperitivo. It’s made from a minimum 85% Pecorino grape in the Offida.

Le Marche Red Wines

Le Marche produces red wines that range from soft raspberry flavours to robust mouth fillers and the regions producers have started attracting attention of foreign connoisseurs and full bodied Rosso Conero and Rosso Piceno wines are now fetching increasingly higher prices.

Rosso Piceno

Produced in the territories of Ascoli, Macerata and Ancona, Rosso Piceno is a beautiful red, made mainly with Sangiovese grapes, and to a lesser extent Montepulciano, it is dry, robust, with a fruity flavour.

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Offida Rosso

A well structured red wine produced in the Offida area, it is fruity, rounded and quite a well structured dry flavour. It is produced mainly using Montepulciano and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and is aged for 2 years.

Terreni di San Severino Rosso

A ruby red coloured, full-bodied wine with a complex bouquet. The oak aged Superiore is an intense ruby colour and is aged for 18 to 24 months in wooden casks and a further 8 – 12 months in the bottle before the wine is ready to be sold.

I Terreni di San Severino Passito

A deep, sweet velvety red desert wine with an intense bouquet that is aged for at least 2 years, the alcohol content is 15.5%.

Lacrima di Morro d’Alba

A very unusual but wonderful high quality purple wine that is dry but very smooth, strong and fruity with a floral nose reminiscent of blueberries and violets. It is produced in the small Morro d’Alba area, near Jesi in the province of Ancona using the lacrima grape.

Vernaccia di Serrapetrona

A ruby Red Spumante (sparkling wine) made at the town of Serrapetrona with the Vernaccia grape by natural fermentation, sweet or semi-sweet (amabile) with a pleasant slightly bitter background. An excellent red dessert wine.

Rosso Conero

Probably the king of Marche reds, this exceptional ruby red wine that is full bodied, dry, fruity and velvety. Produced predominantly from Montepulciano grapes in a restricted sunny area in the foothills of the Monte Conero just south of Ancona. The cantinasare based around the Conero National Park, near to great beaches, ristorante and some amazing towns including Loreto, Recanati and Osimo. Some of our favourites include Leopardi wines, le Terrazze and Garofoli Follow this link for a cultural itinerary and winery tour of the spectacular Conero coastal National park that encompasses this DOCG region.

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As technology advances and palates become more demanding it becomes possible to blend various grapes with superb results. One such cantina is Villa Forano, 10 minutes from our farmhouse, The cantina dates back to the 1700s and blending Lcrima grapes with sangiovese as well as a number of traditional wines that are available on tap at around €1.50 a litre, oak aged Bulciano Rosso Piceno is about €8 a bottle. Why not try this Wine Tour using Google maps around the cantinas that we have visited in the wonderful central Le MarcheCountryside and it’s historic towns. We are happy to help you with suggestions of the best cantinas to visit on wine holidays in Le Marche. View Le Marche winery, culture & beaches Tour in a larger map

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